Lets talk about addons

Addons or plugins – It can have many names, but they all essentially do the same thing… And that is to add some functionality which was not part of the original build, or it will enhance what you already have.

In many cases for instances in blender, many of the addons are functions which is already in blender, but instead of going through 10 steps to perform it, you might end up with an addon that can do it with fewer steps, maybe even one simple click.

The addon is compiled of a script into a package, more specific a .zip file which is uploaded or downloaded to your computer.
This addon is a python file basically.

There are tons of addons on the blender market, both free and paid ones.

Link to blender market click here or click on the image below




Is it ok to use addons, do people consider it like cheating?   

                         HELL NO….

Use whatever you have at your disposal to get the job done.

That is why addons was created in the first place, to MAKE YOUR LIFE easier.

They come in all sorts of categories – You have for tools for

  • Modeling
  • Rendering
  • Animation
  • Presets
  • Rigging
  • Materials

And more…..

I do lots of hard surface modeling, and have many addons for that, same goes for rendering and rigging.
I will add here the ones I use, which as a beginner I found out very fast that they helped me tons on my creative journey.

I have many more in my arsenal, but I only wanted to highlight the ones I use and found very productive.
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My addons

My most used Blender addons